Treadmill Reviews

If you are looking for a great cardiovascular workout, treadmills are an excellent choice for in-home workout equipment. They help get the heart rate up and provide a wonderful way to effectively help you lose weight and maintain a healthy heart. Treadmills can be costly, so you need to know what features you absolutely cannot live without, and which are extra to help determine the cost effectiveness of your treadmill. Checking into a treadmill review can be a helpful tool in making your decision.

Most treadmills come with two standard readings on almost all models: distance and speed. Usually the distance is read by telling you how many miles you have gone to the tenth of a mile. The speed is usually read in miles per hour. But there are a lot more features available to the treadmill owner. Look over a treadmill review or two to see which features will be most useful to you. Some extras on treadmills are calories burned, a heart rate monitor, and memory features that allow you to store your information for the next workout. You'll also want to look into weight capacity, the width of the treadmill, and of course, the cost. Most any treadmill review you read should provide this information.

Why a treadmill?

If you just enjoy leisurely walks on your treadmill, you may not need a high tech model or one with too high of a speed. However, if vigorous running is what you're into, look for models that go up to higher speeds and can handle the extra wear and tear. A treadmill review should feature user comments that can give you better insight into which models will help you in getting the most out of your personal workout. Do some reading and even some window-shopping at local health and fitness stores to give you a clearer picture of the treadmill you think will be best for you.