Printer Reviews

Reviews give a lowdown on a product. They provide all the information on a variety of printers and their consumables such as ink, paper and the interface required.

Some of the information you are likely to find in a printer review is Different types of printers such as Inkjet, Inkjet photo printer, LaserJet, LaserJet photo printer, Wide format printers that are available; various brands of printers available in the market, for example Canon, Hewlett Packard, Xerox, Konica

These sites also list price for the featured printer models against a picture of the model , very useful information when you decide on buying a printer.

List of features of individual printers such as DPI (dots per inch) resolution, Image resolution , Speed in terms of Pages per minute (PPM), memory slots and its size, whether it can be used on a network or individually will help you in short listing or zeroing in on  the particular printer that you are looking for.

One very interesting feature these sites have is the Comparison option where you can compare two or more printers on their list. The result of such a comparison enlists all the features such as resolution, DPI, PPM, compatibility, network compatibility and afcoarse competitive prices!

Expert reviews as well as authentic consumer reviews, which can be extensive technical, and user information from the experts help if you want detail information about the particular printer, for example an Hp Inkjet Printer. Incase you decide on buying it once you have the required configuration you can click on shopping links that these sites provide!

Therefore, when you decide on buying a printer it is advisable that you collect all the useful information on the kind of printer you plan on buying or if you want to buy one and are not sure which one to buy then it becomes imperative to do some research on them before you buy one. Here is where review sites come in handy. Some examples are PCWorld, ConsumerSearch, and CNet.

Some general criteria on which review sites base their information:

Credibility in evaluating, testing, and identifying the best product.

* Ratings are based on test results, test procedures and documents.
* Relevance of the article for given category is also an important consideration.
* Number of products tested and reviewed.

The reviews are generally based on expert opinion; however, authentic consumer reviews are also acceptable.