Car Reviews

When purchasing a new car, it can be a very big decision. You want to ensure that the car you purchase is a good buy, safe, easily maintained, and a joy to drive. Car reviews can assist you in making that big decision. Knowing which cars are safe, economical, and comfortable can truly make a difference when you make that big purchase. Since the automobile industry is such a huge sector in the marketplace, there are literally hundreds of sources for car reviews. So which source is the most reliable and can provide the best information?

Edmunds and Popular Mechanics are both very well known when it comes to car reviews. Both places feature buying guides, consumer ratings, and safety performance. The first step in buying a new vehicle is deciding upon the size. You might want a sports car, a minivan, or an SUV. Once you've decided on the type of vehicle, the most important thing to look into is a car's safety feature. Does the car have both driver and passenger side airbags? How about side impact airbags? How did the car perform in government safety tests? Does the vehicle have a chance of rolling over? Once you have determined these safety features, the rest should be easy.

The next factors when reading car reviews are more luxury than necessity. Perhaps you would like a car with a sunroof or a leather interior. Maybe you need something with a DVD player in the back for the kids. Some of us need a good stereo system when driving, so look for car reviews that tell you what comes standard versus what is considered extra and will cost more in the final purchase price. Another important part of choosing a car is the car's handling on the road. Does it have an anti-lock brake system? How about power steering or front or rear wheel drive? Car reviews can help enlighten you on finding the vehicle of your dreams that will be an investment for years to come.