Book Reviews

Reading a book can be time consuming and often difficult when you are coping with a busy lifestyle. Choosing a book that you'll enjoy may not always be easy. Book reviews help readers get an idea of a book's plot and characters before they dedicate themselves to reading it. These reviews give us an insight on the author's writing style and if the book will captivate our minds. Since we cannot always judge a book by its cover, a review of the book really helps shed light on what we want to read.

Perhaps the most coveted spot in the book world is a place on the New York Time's Bestseller list. Additionally, the New York Times offers an extensive section of book reviews. This feature of the paper gives readers great insight as to what books are really shaking up the reading world, and which books can stay on the shelf. But newspapers and literary magazines are not the only source for book reviews. Today, many retailers host book reviews written by their customers. Sources like Barnes and Noble and Amazon both have customer-written book reviews. This can be even more helpful for the every day consumer who simply wants to know if a book is entertaining or not.

Since we all know that books come in many different categories, there are also websites dedicated to book reviews based on a particular subject or type. You can also purchase magazines dedicated to nothing but book reviews. Another option is to check you're your local library. Whether it's nonfiction, romance, adventure, cultural, children's books, or educational, the reviews written about these books help give us insight into the contents of the pages. Thanks to many people who dedicate themselves to reviewing books, we can make decisions much more easily about what we want to read.